Stéphane CANU

Professor, INSA Rouen

Stéphane Canu is a Professor of the LITIS research laboratory and of the information technology department, at the National institute of applied science in Rouen (INSA).
He received a Ph.D. degree in System Command from  Comiègne University of Technology in 1986. He joined the faculty department of Computer Science at Compiegne University of Technology in 1987. He received the French habilitation degree from Paris 6 University. In 1997, he joined the Rouen Applied Sciences National Institute (INSA) as a full professor, where he created the information engineering department. He has been the dean of this department until 2002 when he was named director of the  computing service and facilities unit. In 2004 he join for one sabbatical year the machine learning group at ANU/NICTA (Canberra) with Alex Smola and Bob Williamson.  In the last five years, he has published approximately thirty papers in refereed  conference proceedings or journals in the areas of theory, algorithms and applications  using kernel machines learning algorithm and other flexible regression methods.  His research interests includes kernels machines, regularization, machine learning applied to signal processing, pattern classification, factorization for recommander systems and learning for context aware applications.

Stéphane CANU
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Laboratoire LITIS EA 4108 - INSA de Rouen, Normandie Université, INSA Rouen, Batiment Bougainville, Avenue de l'Université le Madrillet 76801 Saint Etienne du Rouvray
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