International Workshop on Nonlocal Models, PDEs and Applications

International Workshop on Nonlocal Models, PDEs and Applications

13 – 14 May 2019 Caen, Normandy, FRANCE

Recently, there has a wave of interest in developing continuous or discrete nonlocal models and PDEs for a variety of problems arising in physics, biology, social sciences, image processing and machine learning.

Whereas local models based on classical differential operators capture the properties at point for a given function, nonlocal models based on integral operators of an appropriate structure can be used to model phenomena characterized by singular or discontinuous behaviors. They can also be used to approximate local models as the width of the interaction kernel shrinks to zero on the space of sufficiently smooth functions.

This workshop on Nonlocal Models, PDEs and Applications 2019 will focus on recent developments in the area of nonlocal models, PDEs and their various applications. It will bring together internationally recognized experts for young researchers and students are encouraged to present their work during poster sessions.

The topics include

  • Local and Nonlocal Partial Differential Equations
  • PDES and Applications
  • Partial Differential Equations on Graphs and Networks
  • Nonlocal techniques in image processing and machine learning
  • Numerical Methods for PDE

Web page of the conference: here.

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